Feb 25 2018

news:- Coderdojo / supporting locally in Wien … Lingophant / ready to support … Teach for Austria … suggesting to bring UK native speakers to support more schools especially GEPS program in Vienna to start. homestay and teaching at SZC ( 23 locations in Wien ) part time rolling trainer pool advertised on eures portal … Robo Wunderkind – proposal in 6th to purchase and run events, also from the learning bus, yellow, outside media marx halle – Johnnys ., and for purchase of 100 classroom kits in Kenya,Africa ( 500,000 euros )  – demo to Ambassador representative planned in Afripoint and to Mexican Ambassdor representative in Al Chile!, to Indian Ambassador representative in SMART bob and to Chinese representatives in China Zentrum Liniengasse … The Learning Street / creating map of pilot – The Happiest Street in town, ranging from drugs addiction aids awareness to music mechanics, nachilfe, TU, schools and beer/coffee tee training…. plus languages and culture – learning thru eating … brainobrain – Satuday mornings along the street, planned to start soon as clients… ball-schule-frey working to extend current Friday groups at Amerlingstrasse …. refugees code / loosely supporting … Haus Mariahilf . looking to set up cultural training on Mexico and Nepal and Vietnam in house for local learning community members … legal structure , verein in grundung, recruiting team defining membership plan, seeking communityFUNding / starting to visit potential verein lokales in 23 bezirks … reaching out to new members small and not so small, looking for first keynote energiser in February, to announce in March…


Jan 1 2017

Dear Eric ( and Rabin, Pradeep, Sam, Michael, Joseph, Ayman etc )

Thank you !

I would like to suggest we pool our considerable energies, experiences and skills and act strongly now to support the UN education goals of primary and secondary education for ALL, and the Jeffrey Sachs book of ending poverty in our lifetime , with a big focus on education in that solution. With your experience in Complitkenya and more, and mine in IBM, Oracle, Computer Associates and more,  I believe we are in a good position.

Lets set up a remote management operation to manage cafes, schools and libraries offering internet access for education, starting with your Risa school. I propose operations centres in Bangalore, Derby, Vienna and Houston, which support National Centres ie in  Cairo, Kampala and Mombassa. These national centres then have regional centres, down to nodes like Risa. With a clear and solid network infrastructure in place, ( my suggestion is under Vassil, Soul and Rob ) I believe we can then build and manage an infrastructure for learning, meaning we can open Risa 7×24 for

  • school use
  • adult learning use ( on the membership basis I mentioned )
  •  a library function

I propose that I chat with Soul, Rob and Vassil on the requirements for the NOC, and then approach Ashok for advice on hardware and software and perhaps locations ie Bangalore.

I am hoping that Bill will offer senior project management input to this too

ps as mentioned, if there is a clear, robust, scaleable, localised membership model, enabling a handup and not a hand out, with recognised paid roles and a careeer path for interns into paid roles, i see no challenge in scaling this to 150 mill nodes of 500 members, a total of 5bn learners with a learning plan, a learning mentor, and affordable lifelong lifewide blended learning !

exciting opportunity to start the new year. happy happy happy 2017 , nigel

English- start with a training needs analysis, please do the online test here , registering with our partner MHC to do so ( email results and training goal to Nigel )

Arts – in Preparation

Coding – free computer programming groups for young people with Coderdojo

Entrepreneurship – in Preparation – looking to 1. 2. Centro’s 14-week Entrepreneur Readiness Program is designed for small business entrepreneurswho are ready to launch or grow their businesses 3 MBA – The Open University Our practice-based MBA programme is developed by leading business academics, … finance, change management, marketing and entrepreneurship,


Happiness – Entry point, how happy would you say you are on a scale of 1 to 10. What three things do you feel would take you to the next level? ( email response to Nigel )

  • interested in Happiness, please look here on facebook. there are new programs starting 21st Jan in Wien, and anytime in 2017 globally…

Peace – through participation in the World Peace Game and 43 Words to provoke thought!

Strategy – whats your passion? your dream? your goal by end 2017/18/19? ( email response to Nigel )

  • start with a strategy coaching to discuss and define your passion, dream and goals here

partner list – coming soon ( trainers and locations )


coming shortly